QMobile G100 usb data cable ways

Are you looking for 100% working USB data cable points of QMobile G100?
Here you are at the right place. Just follow the instructions given in this post and do your job carefully.

Introduction (Mobile)

QMobile G100 is a chinese phone with MTK chipset. Read the following information carefully before doing any operation. Download this image only if all information is matching with your phone.

All above written information are 100% accurate. This picture is uploaded after testing on many phones. So if the problem still persists, You may go for work with the hardware of your handset.

Why To Use these points

These points are used only for the following reasons.

To work with software of mobile if the charging port is damaged.

Change in Language of Mobile’s software

Mobile is not booting up…

Mobile is locked with some user code…

Hang on logo problem…

Image of QMobile g100 USB data cable ways

Following picture is showing QMobile G100 USB data cable ways. Observe this picture carefully and make jumpers of Black, Red, White and Green wires with points.

QMobile g100 USB data cable ways
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