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Nokia 150 RM 1190 keypad ways

Nokia 150 RM 1190 keypad ways

Nokia 150 RM 1190 Keypad ways

Here is 100% working and Tested Nokia 150 RM 1190 keypad ways. Just look at this picture carefully and do your work…


Nokia 150 RM-1190 is a chinese phone with MTK chipset. Read the following information carefully before doing any operation with your mobile. Problem with keypad of handset always comes from the hardware side. So always work with hardware of your mobile instead of software when its keypad do not work. 


All keys are combined with a specific pattern. To solve the keypad problem of Nokia 150 RM 1190, You must read these instructions carefully.


All points in this mobile are linked with one another in two patterns which can be described as internal and external ways of keypad.

The internal points are given numbers form 1 to 4. All internal points written number 1 are same, all internal points written number 2 are same, all internal points written number 3 are same and all internal points written number 4 are same. So you have to trace these points carefully.

If any of following points is missing, you have to make jumpers from one to other point with same number. Use multimeter to check whether points are working or not, i.e these are showing some resistance with ground or not.

In the same way check external connections of keypad and match the colors used in the picture given below. All points are 100% working and tested.

Image of Nokia 150 RM 1190 Keypad ways
NOKIA 150 RM 1190 buttons not working

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