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Are you looking for a 100% working flash file for GoMobile g105 pro spd6531? Here you are right place. Just follow the instructions given in the post and download the desired file in a hassle-free way.

About GoMobile G105 Pro

GoMobile g105 pro is a Chinese-featured phone which has a 2.2-inch TFT display (Black and White). It is based on SPD IC.

The design of this phone came due to the huge demand for the Nokia old Models like Nokia 1202, Nokia 1203, and Nokia 1280 which also have a black and white display. The benefit of this display is that we can easily view and work on it in the daytime in the presence of heavy sunlight. Therefore Chinese companies thought about this and manufactured almost 6 models of the same designs with a black and white display.

If you are a user of a featured phone then go for it and buy it and enjoy the very light version of a Chinese featured phone like GOMOBILE g105 Pro. Its price is almost PKR 2000 only having PTA-approved IMEI.

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Why do we need to flash?

You need to flash your phone if.

  • The phone is not booting up properly
  • The phone is hung/stuck on the logo
  • The phone is in dead condition

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Flash file for gomobile g105 pro spd6531